Cell Culture Research Using Primary Cells

Cell culture consists of the transfer of cells from their origin to a suitable in-vitro laboratory environment for additional study and research. At Cell Culture Company, we have significant knowledge in the area of cell culture research.

Cell Culture and Research

In cellular and molecular biology research, cell culture is an essential tool. The use of primary cells in cell culture is utilized for modeling systems in the study of the biochemistry and physiology of cells, metabolism, drug toxicity, and additional biomedical applications. Researchers throughout the world used primary cells in cell culture in order to maintain the efficiency, regularity, and consistency of results, in addition to being an effective model of in-vivo physiological conditions.

Some of the applications of primary cells to cell culture research include:

Cancer Research

Primary cells may be used to study the difference between cancer and normal cells. As a model, primary cell culture can be used in the screening of under- or over-expressed markers that lead to oncogenic activation. Also, the use of primary cells in cancer research as control models are highly utilized.

3D Model System

Primary cells may be used as 3D models for the study of biochemistry and biology, pathological interactions, cell interactions, aging, toxicology and drug effects, and other research areas.

Testing for Toxicity

Primary cells are also used to evaluate the toxic effect of cosmetics, chemicals, and new drugs on cells. They can also be utilized in drug screening,development, and dosage determination.


Primary cell cultures are used to detect, mimic, and isolate viruses to learn about their cycles of growth and development. In virology, they are also used to study infection – its mode and mechanism.

Replacement Organ or Tissue

Primary cells are key in research regarding stem cell culture and the potential self-replication and differentiation of these cells into various cell lineages for tissue and organ regeneration.

Primary cells are an invaluable component of modern biomedical research. It is important to work with an experienced lab if you are looking for species- and tissue-specific stem or primary cells.

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