Cell Culture Expansion Services

At Cell Culture Company, we specialize in both adherent and suspension cell culture expansion services, offering expertise and tailored solutions for your research needs. Understanding the critical role of cell cultures in scientific advancement, we provide services that cater to a diverse range of applications, ensuring optimal growth conditions and scalability for your specific project.

Adherent & Suspension Cell Culture Expansion: Our Core Competencies

Suspension Cell Cultures:

Utilizing 10-200L batch spinner flasks and up to 10L batch shaker flasks, we offer robust solutions for suspension cell cultures. This approach allows for efficient scaling and precise control over growth conditions, ensuring high-quality cell yield for various applications.

Adherent Cell Cultures:

For adherent cell cultures, we have the capacity to handle up to 75,000 cm² per batch. At our facility, we utilize roller bottles and multi-layer stacked flasks, optimized for cell attachment and growth, to facilitate large-scale production without compromising cell quality.

Comprehensive Services Tailored for You

Our team expertly handles every aspect of cell culture work, from initial setup to final delivery.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Cell line/spent media analysis and optimization
  • Nuclear preps
  • Transient transfections
  • Cell-based assays
  • Metabolic activity-based cell viability assays
  • Cellular metabolism assays
  • Cytogenetic assays
  • Phosphate assays
  • Mitochondrial toxicity assays

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What types of cell cultures can you expand?
A: We work with mammalian and insect cell lines, specializing in both adherent and suspension cell cultures, to offer tailored solutions for various research needs.
Q2: Can you handle large-scale cell culture projects?
A: Absolutely. Our facilities are equipped for large-scale projects, with capabilities like 200L batch spinner flasks for suspension cultures and 75,000 cm² per batch for adherent cultures.
Q3: Do you offer any specialized cell culture services?
A: Yes, we provide a range of specialized services including cell line optimization, transient transfections, and various types of cell-based assays.
Q4: How do you ensure the quality and consistency of cell cultures?
A: We employ rigorous testing and quality control measures to minimize lot-to-lot variability and ensure the highest standards of cell culture quality. If your project has specific requirements we would be happy to discuss further.
Q5: How can I get started with your cell culture expansion services?
A: Contact us through our website or customer service line. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and set up the appropriate cell culture expansion services for your project.

Your Research Partner for Cell Culture Expansion

At Cell Culture Company, we don’t just provide services; we partner with you in your scientific journey. Our team is committed to delivering excellence at every stage of the cell culture process, ensuring that your research goals are met with precision and care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your research with our comprehensive cell culture expansion services.