Cell Culture Expansion Services

Drop ship us a vial from your lab or an approved cell line repository and we’ll perform all the necessary cell culture techniques required for your project. We can grow small to large batches of cells, which may be delivered as frozen or fresh cell pellet aliquots, resuspended in a desired buffer or any other preferred delivery format. 
Our cell culture team will perform all the necessary cell culture work for your lab experiment, which allows you the time to focus on your project and reduces the probability of lot to lot variability within your cultures. 
Cell Culture Expansion and Scale-Up:
  • Suspension Cell Cultures:
    • 10-200L Batch Spinner Flasks
    • Up to 10L Batch Shaker Flasks
  • Adherent Cell Cultures:
    • Up to 75,000 cm² per Batch
      • Roller Bottles
      • Multi-layer Stacked Flasks​​​​
  • Cell Culture Services
    • Cell line/spent media analysis and optimization
    • Nuclear preps
    • Transient transfections
    • Cell Treatments
    • Cell-based assays
    • Metabolic activity-based cell viability assay
    • Cellular metabolism assays
    • Cytogenetic assays
    • Phosphate assays
    • Mitochondrial toxicity assays

Cell Culture Company does not own or sell any cell lines. We expand our customers’ cell lines or cell lines purchased from licensed distributors like ATCC.