Mammalian Cell Culture Services

Researchers and scientists in a wide range of disciplines use mammalian cell culture as an in-vitro model to study the physiology and biology of cells.

These studies require specialized services and support that requires expertise and experience.

At Cell Culture Company, we offer a comprehensive range of mammalian cell culture services that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our extensive knowledge in this field allows us to offer you the highest quality services possible.

What Is Mammalian Cell Culture?

Mammalian cell culture is the process of growing mammalian cells in a controlled laboratory environment. These cells are essential for research and development in the life sciences. They allow for the study of complex biological processes in a controlled and reproducible manner.

Uses of Mammalian Cell Culture

This can be used for various purposes, including the production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other therapeutic proteins.

  • Production of vaccines: Mammalian cell cultures can be used to produce vaccines against diseases such as influenza and rabies.
  • Monoclonal antibodies: Monoclonal antibodies are proteins that can bind to specific targets, such as viruses or cancer cells. This makes them valuable tools for research and medicine.
  • Therapeutic proteins: Therapeutic proteins are used to treat diseases such as diabetes and hemophilia. They can be produced in mammalian cell culture.

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