Cell Treatments & Processing Services

In addition to cell culture and expansion, we offer a variety of treatment and processing options for your cells. We can add increased value to the outsourcing of your cell expansion services by offering these cell treatment experiments to save you time and resources.

If your downstream experiments/applications would benefit from additional treatment steps we are able to amend them to our in-house protocols. Treated cells can be shipped overnight on wet or dry ice for immediate processing and analysis.

  • Treatments include:
    • Hormones
    • Stressors (i.e. hydrogen peroxide)
    • Small molecules
    • Formalin fixation
    • Formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde cross-linking
    • Custom treatments

We facilitate cell culture research into the effect of various treatments on cell growth or biochemical behavior. The advantage to cell treatment with a molecule of interest during or immediately after cell expansion can provide insights into disease pathways or cell biology.

Hormones introduced during cell growth may influence biological processes and cellular activities. Small molecules – whether a pharmaceutical drug or oxidative stressor – introduced during cell growth can also serve as a catalyst for initial research into therapeutic development.

Cell fixation is a crucial part of preparing histological sections with the primary goal of preserving tissue and cell components. The process, involving agents such as glutaraldehyde, formalin or formaldehyde, terminates ongoing biochemical reactions and increases (on most occasions) the treated tissue’s stability and strength. In glutaraldehyde fixation, the result is crosslinking of the cell’s proteins. The same process can be said when it comes to other cell treatments such as formaldehyde fixation and cross linking formaldehyde.