Cell Treatments & Processing Services

At Cell Culture Company, we extend our expertise in cell culture and expansion to include a comprehensive range of cell treatment and processing options. Our services are designed to add significant value to your cell expansion services, saving you time and resources in your research endeavors.

Diverse Treatment Options for Advanced Research

Customizable Treatments:

We offer a variety of treatments to meet the specific needs of your downstream experiments or applications. Our ability to customize treatments to your protocols ensures that you receive cells that are ready for immediate processing and analysis.

Range of Treatments:

Our treatment options include the use of hormones, stressors like hydrogen peroxide, small molecules, formalin fixation, formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde cross-linking, and other custom treatments. These treatments are aimed at exploring the effects of various agents on cell growth or biochemical behavior.

The Impact of Cell Treatments in Research

Understanding Disease Pathways and Cell Biology:

Cell treatment with molecules of interest during or immediately after cell expansion can yield valuable insights into disease pathways or fundamental aspects of cell biology.

Influence of Hormones and Small Molecules:

Hormones introduced during cell growth can significantly influence biological processes and cellular activities. Small molecules, whether pharmaceutical drugs or oxidative stressors, introduced during cell growth, can catalyze initial research into therapeutic development.

Cell Fixation Techniques:

Cell fixation, involving agents like glutaraldehyde, formalin, or formaldehyde, is essential for preserving tissue and cell components in histological sections. This process terminates ongoing biochemical reactions and, in most cases, increases the treated tissue’s stability and strength. Techniques like glutaraldehyde fixation result in the crosslinking of the cell’s proteins, a crucial step in preparing samples for further analysis.

Why Partner with Cell Culture Company?

Expertise and Customization:

Our extensive experience and commitment to customization ensure that your cell treatments are conducted with precision and tailored to your research objectives.

Efficiency and Reliability:

By choosing our services, you benefit from efficient and reliable processing, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your research.


Q1: Can you customize cell treatments for specific research needs?
A: Absolutely. We tailor our cell treatments to align with the specific requirements of your research.
Q2: What types of treatments do you offer for cell cultures?
A: Our treatments include hormones, stressors, small molecules, formalin fixation, formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde cross-linking, and other custom treatments.
Q3: How do your cell treatments contribute to research?
A: Our cell treatments provide insights into disease pathways, cell biology, and the potential for therapeutic development.
Q4: What is the significance of cell fixation in your services?
A: Cell fixation is vital for preserving cell components, crucial for histological analysis and understanding biochemical behaviors.
Q5: How can I avail of your cell treatment services?
A: Reach out to us via our website or contact line to discuss your cell treatment needs, and we will guide you through the process.

Ready to Advance Your Research?

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