Recombinant Antibody Production Services

Are you looking for recombinant antibody production services for antibody characterization, screening, or preclinical studies? Cell Culture Company offers a wide selection of offerings to meet your needs.

With our 40+ years of experience ranging from purification and downstream processing to recombinant antibody production, you can expect excellent results and relatively lower production costs.

Recombinant Antibodies Versus Conventional Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies

While traditional monoclonal antibodies are developed by utilizing conventional hybridoma-based technologies, recombinant antibodies can do without hybridomas in the production stage. The following benefits also await your project:

  • Scalable: Recombinant antibody production involves in vitro methods, which allows production at different scales more easily. This ensures enough supply for long-term work, or you can use the same antibody for several samples.
  • Animal-free: While traditional production of hybridoma antibodies usually requires animal use, recombinant antibodies don’t need one. Rather, they grow in a defined medium with or without animal serum.
  • Easier modification: Exchanging with another antibody species and modifying the antigen-binding region for high-affinity antibodies are both possible with recombinant antibody expression.
  • Quicker production: Given that hybridomas are not required in recombinant antibodies production, it only takes weeks instead of months to produce recombinant antibodies.
  • Increased level of consistency: A higher level of consistency per batch results from recombinant antibody production as it’s controlled and reproducible. Thus, it’s easier to obtain quality results necessary for your research.

Reliable Recombinant Antibody Production at Cell Culture Company

From our custom recombinant antibodies to our experienced antibody production team, Cell Culture Company is equipped to satisfy your project’s demands. Whether you need these antibodies for small- or large-scale production, we deliver the same high-quality antibodies.

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