Custom Cell Culture

Custom Cell Culture and Banking

We offer both GMP and GLP custom cell culture and cell banking. During our 30+ year history, we have worked with more than 2,650 cell lines in suspension or adherent cultures. This includes common cell lines such as HeLa, CHO, Hybridoma, blood lines, MDCK, Vero, and HEK293, as well as human primary cells and custom cell lines.

C3 does not own or sell any cell lines. Rather, we expand our customers’ cell lines or cell lines purchased from licensed distributors like ATCC to large quantities.

Our minimum order sizes are:

  • Suspension cells: 10L
  • Adherent cells: 10 roller bottles

We have a well-established, robust system to allow your cell line to be received into our manufacturing facility for expansion.  This system ensures that we protect the name of your cell line and require mycoplasma screening to certify that the cells are safe to work with in our production area. If a customer cannot provide documentation for mycoplasma screening, we can receive their cell line into our quarantine lab and perform screening for them. This level of control protects the safety of your cell line from all other clients’ cell lines sent to C3 for manufacturing.