Custom Cell Culture and Banking

Custom Cell Culture

During our 30+ year history, we have worked with more than 2,650 cell lines. This includes common mammalian and insect cell lines such as HeLa-S3, blood lines (T-Lymphocytes and B-Lymphocytes), CHO, Hybridoma, MDCK, K562, Jurkat, Vero, HL-60, CAR-T and HEK293, as well as custom cell lines.

Custom Services:

  • Cell culture
  • Whole cell pellets
  • Cell lysates
  • Cell banking (GMP-CNC & RUO)
  • Cell line/ media optimization
  • Nuclear preps
  • Formalin fixation
  • Formaldehyde cross-linking

Formerly the National Cell Culture Center (NCCC), Cell Culture Company has a well-established, robust system to allow your cell line to be received into our manufacturing facility for expansion.  This system ensures that we protect the name of your cell line and require mycoplasma screening to certify that the cells are safe to work with in our production area.

Whole Cell and Monoclonal Antibody Capabilities

  • Suspension Cultures: 1 – 200 liters
  • Adherent Cultures: 1 – 300 roller bottles or stack flasks
  • Cell Banks: 1 – 1,000+ individual cryovials with desired density per vial
    • 5 – 300 cryovials per batch
  • Monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein production: 50 mg – 500 g
    • Delivered as cell culture supernatant/ conditioned medium or purified product

Custom Whole Cell Pellets 

Drop ship us a vial from your lab or an approved cell line repository and we’ll perform all the necessary cell culture techniques required for your project. We can grow small to large batches of cells, which may be delivered as frozen or fresh cell pellet aliquots, resuspended in a desired buffer or any other preferred delivery format. Our cell culture team will perform all the necessary cell culture work for your lab experiment, which allows you the time to focus on your project and reduces the probability of lot to lot variability within your cultures.

C3 does not own or sell any cell lines. We expand our customers’ cell lines or cell lines purchased from licensed distributors like ATCC.

Custom Mammalian and Insect Cell Banking and Storage

C3 provides comprehensive mammalian and insect cell banking services for many laboratories within the biotechnology, biomanufacturing, genomic, pre-clinical, bioassay development and research industries.  Your cell banks are created under RUO/ GLP or GMP-CNC conditions and stored in a vapor phase liquid nitrogen (LN2) dewar. Each cell bank will undergo a test thaw to ensure viability and recoverability post cell banking activities. 

  • Master Cell Bank (MS)
  • Research Use Only (RUO)/ Working Cell Bank
  • Banks of 5-300 vials per lot
  • Cell bank batch documentation and Certificate of Analysis
  • Fast turnaround times for cell expansion projects
  • Custom cell banking
  • Comprehensive and optional cell bank testing
    • Identity
    • Mycoplasma  
    • Sterility
    • Bioburden 

As the old saying goes, “don’t store all your eggs in one basket,” you should also ensure your cell line has secondary storage in case of an unforeseen event. C3 not only stores cell banks created in-house, we also offer disaster recovery storage of your mammalian or insect cell bank.

Our LN2 dewars are equipped with 24-hour monitoring via our building monitoring system (BMS), manually checked daily, housed in a secure area, and connected to back-up generators.

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