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Custom Critical Cellular Reagents

Contract Mammalian Cell Banking, Cell Culture, Purification and Analytics: GMP, GLP and ISO

Cell Culture Company is a leading medical device manufacturer and biotechnology supplier focused on delivering high-quality products to scientific researchers and industries. Our cell culture team uses traditional methods to perform cell culture services needed for any experiment, and we also employ state-of-the-art perfusion hollow fiber bioreactors throughout the process.

Mammalian Cell Culture Services

Mammalian cell culture is crucial for various clinical and pharmaceutical applications. This process involves isolating cells from mammalian tissues and expanding them in vitro via incubators and bioreactors. Eukaryotic cell growth outside of the original tissue requires cell culture reagents, including sugars like glucose, amino acids, cell culture solution, and other important growth factors. Furthermore, mammalian cells need to adhere to surfaces that promote cell division, and they require sterile environments set at an optimized temperature, making mammalian cell culture an extremely technical undertaking.

At Cell Culture Company, we provide a wide-ranging assortment of mammalian cell culture services suited for any specialized industry. Our cell culture team focuses on the distribution of custom critical cellular reagents to ensure that all your cell culture needs are appropriately met. We also offer mammalian and insect cell banking and storage services to act as reliable repositories that facilitate any type of scientific undertaking.

Other Cell Culture Services

Cell Culture Company has over 40 years of experience in custom cell culture services. We provide GMP and GLP cell culture services for the life sciences industry equipped with our expertise on all types of cells, including HeLa cells, hybridoma cells, and cancer cells. At Cell Culture Company, we handle all the procedures for your experiment with the utmost safety and precision, making sure that the integrity of your cell line remains secure throughout the cell culture process. Our manufacturing facility conducts its procedures in a versatile yet well-regulated environment, allowing our cell culture team to manage both small and large volumes of cells delivered in various formats.

Protein Purification, Antibody Production, and Analytics Services

Protein purification and other downstream processes at Cell Culture Company are carried out robustly to ensure successful isolation of the specific proteins you require for your research. We also offer a wide range of custom and standard assays for any needed custom protein analytical services. Lastly, our facilities are capable of carrying out custom monoclonal antibody production with high specificity and affinity, even on a large scale. Moreover, our antibody production team has the expertise to satisfactorily perform recombinant antibody production suited for projects opting for scalability, consistency, and quick production levels.