Hybridoma Antibody Production Services

At Cell Culture Company, we have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide hybridoma cell culture antibody production services. To date, we have assisted our clients with thousands of highly sensitive and specific monoclonal antibodies. Regardless of the scope of your project, be it bench-top research or large-scale commercial use, you can trust in our capability to produce high-purity monoclonal antibodies to meet your needs.

Aside from hybridoma antibody production, we also offer a wide array of services including purification and downstream processing for monoclonal antibodies.

Antibody Production From Hybridoma Cells

Hybridoma technology is one of the most desirable methods for monoclonal antibody production. These monoclonal antibodies have a range of applications, particularly in the treatment and research of many diseases. The antibodies we have produced at Cell Culture Company have been used for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications across various industries.

We understand that high-purity monoclonal antibodies are critical to the success of many research efforts, yet the design and production process is often labor-intensive, time-consuming, and highly technical. Should you decide to work with us, you can provide us with your hybridoma cell line or other cell line and we will manufacture your custom monoclonal antibodies tailored to your needs and specifications.

Our Hybridoma Antibody Production Process

Typically, hybridoma cell lines are created by immunizing mice with a specific antigen and isolating the B lymphocytes afterward. When these antibody-producing lymphocytes are fused with myeloma cell lines, it results in hybridoma cell lines. The hybridoma cells are then cultured to produce custom monoclonal antibodies.

At Cell Culture Company, in addition to traditional cell culture methods we take pride in our unique, single-use, continuous processing, perfusion hollow fiber bioreactor technology. This alternative approach to hybridoma antibody production allows us to harvest antibodies from a continuous, concentrated stream of antibodies from the bioreactor, over a period of weeks to months. We effectively scale up the process and expedite production for our clients.

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