Bioreactor Cell Culture Services

Using efficient bioreactors for cell culture is essential when you need to upscale your process and maintain full control of cultivation. With our perfusion-based hollow fiber instruments, you can have an efficient cell culture bioreactor that enables dynamic cell growth and real-time responses that adapt to culture changes. Instead of using ascites for antibody production, our mammalian cell culture bioreactors offer an alternative that is scalable and reliable.

Whether you are developing cells for industrial or clinical processes, our bioreactor cell culture process utilizing hollow-fiber technology will make sure that your cell lines are screened, protected, and cultured in a sensor-enabled vessel for full monitoring and control during manufacturing.

Overcome R&D Limitations

Our bioreactor mammalian cell culture technology enables control of critical parameters, including pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen, to optimize cell growth and protein production. With our industry-proven perfusion bioreactor technology, you can overcome common R&D limitations,achieve high cell densities, and enhanced protein yields. Our experienced team can also work with you to develop customized bioreactor mammalian cell culture solutions that meet your specific needs and deliver exceptional results.

Custom cell culture and cell culture expansion can help you focus on your project and reduce lot to lot variability. With our bioreactor cell culture process, our team can perform the necessary cell culture techniques to meet your specifications.

Trust Only the Best

With over 40 years of experience, Cell Culture Company has worked with more than 2,650 cell lines in both suspension and adherent cultures. Our bioreactor cell culture solutions and experienced team can accommodate your project in a safe and suitable environment.

Cell Culture Company does not own or sell any cell lines. Rather, we expand our customers’ cell lines or cell lines purchased from licensed distributors like ATCC.