Cancer Cell Culture Services

Cancer is the top cause of mortality globally and a serious public health concern. This has called for more research on the often deadly condition. Cancer research and pharmaceutical developers rely on cancer cell lines’ in-vitro model systems as they can serve as a seemingly endless supply of biological material for scientific research and experimentation.

Cell Culture Company is dedicated to providing the life sciences industry with the highest-quality cell culture solutions. We have worked with approximately 2,650 cell lines in suspension and adherent cultures during the course of four decades. You can count on our professional team and bioreactor cell culture solutions to provide a secure and appropriate environment for your project.

Our manufacturing facility has well-established and reliable procedures for receiving and expanding your cell line. This approach ensures that your cell line’s identity is protected and that mycoplasma screening is performed to guarantee that the cells are suitable to work with in our manufacturing area.

Expertise, meticulous precision, and a regulated environment are required for cancer cell culture processing. Send us a vial from an approved cell line repository or your lab, and we’ll conduct all the essential cell culture processes for your research. We can culture small to large volumes of cells, which can be provided resuspended in a chosen buffer, as fresh or frozen cell pellet aliquots, or delivered in other desired formats. We use standard cell culture methodologies as well as our proprietary hollow-fiber bioreactors to ensure you receive the results you seek, regardless of your industry.

Our cell culture experts will handle all the cancer cell culture procedures for your laboratory experiment, allowing you to concentrate on your project while reducing the likelihood of variability. We can execute the essential cell culture processes to match your criteria using traditional cell culture methods or our bioreactor technology. You can rely on us for quality cancer cell culture services.

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