Cell Banking & Storage Services

Cell Culture Company provides comprehensive mammalian and insect cell banking and cell storage services for many laboratories within the biotechnology, biomanufacturing, genomic, pre-clinical, bioassay development, and research industries. Our 40+ years of experience with the cell banking process gives you the confidence you’re working with a reliable cell bank manufacturing partner. Our services can be customized to suit your needs including creation of a working cell bank, master cell banking, and cell line storage. Cell Culture Company also acts as a repository for our customers, storing and shipping cell vials in order to facilitate research of rare diseases and other collaborations.

As the old saying goes, “don’t store all your eggs in one basket,” you should also ensure your cell line has secondary storage in case of an unforeseen event. Cell Culture Company not only stores cell banks created in-house, but we also offer disaster recovery storage of important cell lines, including primary cells.

Cell Bank Manufacturing Offerings:

  • Master Cell Banking
  • Research Use Only (RUO)/ Working Cell Bank
  • Banks of 5-300 vials per lot
  • Cell banking process batch documentation and Certificate of Analysis
  • Fast turnaround times for cell expansion projects
  • Cell line storage
  • Cell line distribution
    • Ship your vials globally
  • Comprehensive and optional cell bank testing
    • Identity (STR and WGS)
    • Mycoplasma
    • Sterility


Your cell banks are created under RUO/ GLP or GMP-CNC conditions and stored in a vapor phase liquid nitrogen (LN2) dewar. Each cell bank will undergo a test vial thaw to ensure viability and recoverability post cell banking activities. Our LN2 dewars are equipped with 24-hour monitoring via our building monitoring system (BMS), manually checked daily, housed in a secure area, and connected to back-up generators.