Cell Culture Media Optimization

Cell culture media has a direct effect on the operation of upstream biomanufacturing activities. The media determines the productiveness of certain growth processes while also affecting product quality characteristics. For each process, cell culture media must undergo optimization, particularly for perfusion processes and fed-batch systems designed to accelerate development and minimize costs. At Cell Culture Company, we offer our cell culture media knowledge and experience with the optimization process.

Optimizing Cell Culture Media

When a cell culture is properly optimized, it has the capability to support high cell density without major changes to the cell profile. This results in a healthy cell population with high bioactivity. Alternatively, if the media is not optimized, cells may not grow as well and the manufacturing process can be inhibited. The optimization of cell culture media can be challenging due to the wide variety of media offerings in the biomanufacturing sphere combined with the complexity of their formulations.

In the biomanufacturing industry, mammalian cells have been the most common choice to generate recombinant proteins. Process and media optimization has resulted in significant enhancements of titers of recombinant proteins in recent decades. However, additional process improvements may be needed for industrial protein production at even higher scales.

Essential for Improving Bioprocess Productivity

Each media formulation may have certain components which can act as limiting agents for specific cell lines. Cell culture media optimization is vital for the advancement of bioprocess productivity by matching each cell line with favorable media. It should be performed after the selection of clones, but is necessary before commercial scale manufacturing.

It is a challenging task to achieve medium optimization and understand the various components that affect the process. Cell culture media not only impacts productivity, but also the quality of proteins. Understanding the relationships between protein quality, expression and medium composition is vital for enhancing knowledge about the process and facilitating quality by design for manufacturing operations.

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