Monoclonal Antibody Analysis: ELISAs

Developed in a laboratory, a monoclonal antibody (mAb) is designed to attach to a certain type of antigen – for example, to the spike protein of the coronavirus or to particular markers on cancer cells. As such, mAbs are used as a targeted treatment for different medical conditions as they support the body’s immune system. … Continue reading Monoclonal Antibody Analysis: ELISAs

Cell Culture Research Using Primary Cells

Cell Culture Research Using Primary Cells Cell culture consists of the transfer of cells from their origin to a suitable in-vitro laboratory environment for additional study and research. At Cell Culture Company, we have significant knowledge in the area of cell culture research. Cell Culture and Research In cellular and molecular biology research, cell culture … Continue reading Cell Culture Research Using Primary Cells

Cell Culture Media Optimization

Cell Culture Media Optimization Cell culture media has a direct effect on the operation of upstream biomanufacturing activities. The media determines the productiveness of certain growth processes while also affecting product quality characteristics. For each process, cell culture media must undergo optimization, particularly for perfusion processes and fed-batch systems designed to accelerate development and minimize … Continue reading Cell Culture Media Optimization