Understand the Uses and Benefits of Recombinant Antibodies

Recombinant antibodies (rAbs), which are genetically engineered, are forms of monoclonal antibodies produced at the genomic level by the means of in-vitro manipulation. With these antibodies, there is appropriate use with a range of cell lines, including bacterial, mammalian, insect, and yeast origin. At Cell Culture Company, we are your source for monoclonal and recombinant antibody production to match the customized needs of our customers.

Benefits of Recombinant Antibodies

There are several characteristics to recombinant antibodies that have given them continuing favor and preference in the eyes of researchers. Some of these characteristics we describe below:

1. Unsurpassed Replicability and Consistency

In contrast to more traditional forms of antibody production, the generation of recombinant antibodies revolves around a group of unique genes which makes their production exceptionally reliable and controllable. With replicability and consistency, researchers can avoid issues such as gene mutation, gene loss, and the drift of cell lines that can sometimes occur with other antibody production, resulting in a resolving of differences between batches and dependable results.

2. Easy to Manipulate

The methods of recombinant antibody production enable extensive control and monitoring of the antigen during production, in contrast to what occurs with much of the trial and error during traditional antibody production.

3. Higher Specificity and Sensitivity

The production of recombinant antibodies allows for the generation of a very desirable quality of antibodies.

4. Easy Isotype Conversion

The production of recombinant antibodies enables modifications in sequence to accommodate specific needs after the establishment of the desired fragment.

5. Animal-Free Technology

Recombinant antibodies that stem from human or synthetic collections are not associated with animal immunity. As such, concerns over the welfare of animals in connection with techniques such as immunizations and euthanasia to produce antibodies is removed.

Recombinant Antibody Applications

Recombinant antibodies are just blossoming in their use and applications – they are new in toxicological research and biomedical science. Thus far, treatment breakthroughs connected with their use have included the treatment of viral infections, auto-immune diseases, cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, tumors, and Alzheimer’s disease.

As additional research is performed, more understanding and treatment possibilities using recombinant antibodies is expected, including the prevention of more illnesses.

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