Quantitative PCR Services

Our qPCR / RT-qPCR approaches offer unmatched accuracy and sensitivity, providing real-time quantification of DNA and RNA that is essential for precise cell line authentication, gene expression profiling, and genetic stability testing. By delivering rapid, reliable, and reproducible results, our quantitative PCR services streamline your workflow and enhance the integrity of your research.

Key Features and Benefits of qPCR:

  1. Quantitative Measurement: qPCR provides precise quantification of nucleic acids, allowing researchers to determine the exact amount of a target sequence present in a sample.
  2. Real-Time Detection: qPCR monitors the amplification process in real-time using fluorescent dyes or probes, enabling immediate data collection and analysis.
  3. High Sensitivity and Specificity: qPCR can detect low levels of target DNA or RNA with high specificity, making it suitable for applications requiring high sensitivity.
  4. Speed and Efficiency: The process is relatively fast, with results often available within a few hours. This efficiency makes qPCR ideal for high-throughput screening.
  5. Wide Range of Applications: qPCR is used in gene expression analysis, pathogen detection, genotyping, mutation analysis, and many other applications.

qPCR stands out as an invaluable tool in modern molecular biology due to its exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and efficiency. The real-time monitoring capability of qPCR ensures immediate and reliable data, reducing experimental variability and enhancing reproducibility. With its ability to handle high-throughput workflows and deliver rapid results, our quantitative PCR services accelerate research timelines and boosts productivity.


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