Next Generation Sequencing Services

Unlock the true potential of your cell line with our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions. NGS technology offers unparalleled precision and depth, enabling comprehensive analysis of genetic material to ensure the authenticity, stability, and quality of your cell lines. Whether you are validating cell line identity, detecting genetic mutations, or exploring gene expression profiles, our next generation sequencing services provide high-throughput, accurate, and cost-effective results.

Key Features and Benefits:

High Precision and Accuracy: Detect subtle genetic variations, rare mutations, and genomic rearrangements with exceptional sensitivity and specificity.

Comprehensive Analysis: Perform whole-genome, whole-exome, and targeted sequencing to obtain a complete genetic profile of your cell lines, ensuring thorough characterization.

High Throughput and Scalability: Process large numbers of samples simultaneously, accelerating your research timelines and boosting productivity.

Advanced Data Analysis Tools: Utilize intuitive software for easy setup, data analysis, and interpretation, allowing you to focus on your scientific discoveries and data-driven decisions.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Benefit from high-quality sequencing at competitive prices, making next generation sequencing services accessible to all laboratories.

Applications in Cell Line Characterization:

Authentication and Validation: Confirm the identity and purity of your cell lines, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring research integrity.

Genetic Stability Testing: Monitor genetic stability over time to maintain the consistency and reliability of your cell lines.

Mutation Detection: Identify and characterize genetic mutations, including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions, deletions, and copy number variations (CNVs).

Gene Expression Profiling: Analyze transcriptome changes to understand gene expression dynamics and functional genomics.

Epigenetic Studies: Explore DNA methylation patterns and other epigenetic modifications that influence cell line behavior and phenotype.


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