Cell Culture Company (C3) is a leader in Automated Single-use Hollow Fiber Perfusion Bioreactors, from FDA, EMA, and USDA regulated manufacturing to R&D scale manufacturing.

Pioneered to improve the quality of cell culture by creating in vivo-like conditions, our ACUSYST® (Automated Culture Systems) technology is used to expand mammalian and insect cell lines for the production of expressed proteins. Designed to provide the optimal environment for cell growth and production, our ACUSYST® technology offers significant advantages over traditional cell culture platforms for many applications.

The ACUSYST® platform is linearly scalable, with larger bioreactors employing additional cartridges for parallel production.

Our Hollow Fiber Bioreactors are designed to meet research-, pilot-, and production-scale needs of cells and cell-derived product from pre-clinical through commercial. Key benefits of our technology include:

  • In vivo-like conditions result in a high density of healthy cells and allow for long culture times and consistent protein expression.
  • Decreased production risk as a result of using our closed, single-use system.
  • Increased protein production per square foot of production space.
  • Reduced capital, labor, facilities, and materials expenditures.
  • Increased speed to market due to reduced upstream validation requirements.

Deployed worldwide, our bioreactors support research, clinical trials and manufacture of regulated therapeutics, diagnostics, and veterinary products for:

  • Diagnostic Healthcare Manufacturers
  • Therapeutic Healthcare Manufacturers
  • Contract Research Organizations (CRO)
  • Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO)
  • Academic and Not-for-Profit Research Communities 
  • Animal Health Manufacturers
  • Food Safety Testing