C3 Advantage

Cell Culture Company (C3) is unique among CDMOs. We have the capability to deliver innovative and scalable GMP custom mammalian and insect cell culture services from preclinical development to commercialization. To accomplish this, we employ traditional cell culture methods as well as automated, single-use, perfusion bioreactors.

For more than 25 years, we have been focused on providing the right solutions to support research, clinical trials, and commercialization of regulated biologics for the diagnostic, therapeutic, animal health, and food safety industries.

With C3 You Get:

  • Research- to commercial-scale protein production
  • Single-use, continuous processing, perfusion bioreactors
  • Cell line expansion services for the production of whole cells and cellular extracts
  • Guaranteed price-per-gram, on-demand delivery, and secure supply of antibodies
  • Upstream and downstream CDMO services in a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility