Move Faster with C3's linearly scalable system

Between clinical trial phases, required scale-up of biomanufacturing can be a lengthy and expensive process. Traditional stirred tank bioreactors are not linearly scalable, and require re-validation as well as extensive optimization when moving to larger tank systems. When using the AcuSyst platform, production is validated to a single cartridge. The platform is thus linearly scalable by adding bioreactor cartridges to run in parallel for larger production scales. 

C3's three bioreactor systems increase in scale by adding cartridges in parallel. The AutovaxID contains a single cartridge, and is ideal for R&D, toxicology, and Phase I clinical trial scales. The Maximizer can contain one or two cartridges, and is primarily used for small scale, development, and clinical production work. The Xcellerator is used for late-stage clinical trial and commercial production, and can contain from six to twenty cartridges. 


Figure 2. Each cartridge produced consistent amounts of IgG, even when run in parallel. IgG yield from two hybridoma cell lines grown in three different AcuSyst Bioreactors was normalized to mg of IgG produced per day in each cartridge. Production of IgG is consistent, even across systems where multiple culture cartridges are run in parallel to scale up total production.