Small Scale Recombinant Protein Services

In addition to recombinant antibody production services, Cell Culture Company offers small scale recombinant protein production to meet your needs.

Our experience with purification and downstream processing will ensure excellent results for your recombinant protein production project.

Recombinant Proteins Versus Proteins from Natural Sources

While traditional protein production isolates proteins from various cell lines and tissues, recombinant proteins are produced utilizing a vector and cell line. The following benefits also await your project:

  • Customizable: Recombinant proteins can be engineered to include modifications such as tags, fusions, and mutations, allowing researchers to tailor their properties for specific applications.
  • Purity: Recombinant proteins are produced in a controlled environment, which allows for a high degree of purity and consistency, making them suitable for use in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.
  • Pricing: The cost of producing recombinant proteins is generally lower than that of isolating proteins from natural sources, and the process can be easily scaled up to meet demand.
  • Consistency: Recombinant proteins can be produced with consistent quality and characteristics, allowing researchers and manufacturers to have a reliable supply of the protein for their needs.

Small Scale Recombinant Protein Production at Cell Culture Company

From our custom recombinant protein to our experienced bioproduction team, Cell Culture Company is equipped to satisfy your small scale project’s demands. Whether you need these proteins for screening- or 10s of liters of protein production, we deliver the same high-quality small scale recombinant protein services.

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