Long-Term Production

C3's bioreactors are able to maintain cell health and protein production for over 60 days. In Figure 1 below, two hybridoma cell lines were grown in Acusyst bioreactors for 15 weeks, and IgG production was monitored throughout. In a separate experiment in Figures 2 and 3, two cell lines were grown for >80 and 70 days, and maintained consistent metabolic parameters for the length of their runs. 

Figure 1. IgG production in Acusyst Bioreactors is consistent across a 15-week run. Two cell culture production runs were performed in Acusyst Bioreactors using two different hybridoma cell lines producing IgG (1 and 2). Cell-free supernatant was harvested weekly and IgG concentration determined by ELISA. Both cell lines reached consistent production levels around 3-4 weeks, and maintained IgG production for the full 15 week run. 

GEN Fig 2A.jpg

Figure 2. Automated monitoring and control maintains consistent pH levels. In a separate experiment from Figure 1, two different hybridoma cell lines were grown in Acusyst bioreactors with a pH set point of 7.1 The bioreactor measured pH using an in-line pH meter. 

Figure 3. Acusyst bioreactors maintain consistent glucose and lactate levels. In the same two runs as Figure 2, glucose and lactate levels remain consistent. Lactate levels are automatically monitored and controlled by the Acusyst bioreactor to be maintained at a specified set point. Glucose is manually monitored using easy-access sampling.