Cell Culture Company has produced two fully automated single-use hollow fiber bioreactors (the AutovaxID and the AcuSyst-Xcellerator) and one semi-automated bioreactor (the AcuSyst-Maximizer).

This automation provides numerous benefits:

  • Ensure reproducibility: Automatically maintained process parameters allows for lot-to-lot consistency as you scale up your technology and process to meet manufacturing requirements.
  • Reduce labor: Performing in-process monitoring and responding to changes in metabolic parameters can be a significant burden of labor. C3's automation reduces the amount of labor necessary during a production run. 
  • Decrease contamination risk: the combination of reduced hands-on manual labor and the closed-loop system reduces the risk of introduced contamination throughout the run. 
  • C3's bioreactors monitor and control: 
    • pH
    • Incubator temperature
    • Refrigerator temperature
    • Media perfusion rate
    • Lactate levels
    • EC (cell-side) cycling