Custom Manufacturing Solutions for Biologics

We provide GMP custom mammalian cell and protein manufacturing services from “pre-clinical to commercial” in mg to kg quantities.

Our suite of services include:

Analytical Services

  • BioProduct contaminant characterization/removal
  • Recombinant protein/mAb characterization
  • Custom method development
  • Qualification & validation
  • SDS, IEF, Western gels
  • Bioanalytical assays
  • A280
  • HCP

Custom Cell Culture Services

  • GMP & QSR production of mAbs & recombinant proteins
  • Large scale production of cells and conditioned media
  • Cell line optimization
  • Hybridoma fusion/cloning and transfections
  • MCB/MWCB generation and characterization

Custom Purification Services

  • Process development and manufacturing
  • IgG and IgM chromatography
  • Cation/Anion exchange
  • TFF/ Diafiltration
  • Viral filtration & clearance
  • Formulation
  • Conjugation
  • Final Fill
  • SEC

mAbVault BioServices Program

In the protein development process? Our mAbVault solution is designed to ensure you have the high quality protein you need, in the quantities you need, when you need it. Giving you the best of all worlds, mg to kg quantities, stable costs and a secure supply chain.

Wherever you are in the protein development process, mAbVault has the program to meet your protein needs and reach your goals.

Our program provides:

  • Locked-in pricing at per gram levels
  • Guaranteed quantities
  • Protein repository
  • Redundant supply
  • Product equivalency and comparability
  • Reduced working capital with off-site inventory

GMP production solutions and services from
pre-clinical to commercial in mg to kg quantities

Hollow Fiber Bioreactors

Scale up your cell culture and cell product manufacturing using our hollow fiber bioreactors. We offer R&D to large scale hollow fiber-based bioreactors that enable researchers to move beyond traditional cell culture methods and cost-effectively produce large quantities of cells and cell products.

Traditional Cell Culture Services

C3 also offers traditional cell culture platforms including spinner flasks and roller bottle services for applications that require these specific technologies.

Hollow Fiber Instruments


Cell Counts: 1-10 x 10^6

  • Patented screening tool for optimizing media components and sub clones.
  • Concentrates your product as it is secreted; product is not diluted in feed media.
  • Cells grow naturally to tissue-like density. Collect and analyze your product- even from low-secreting cell lines.

The MicroBioreactor (i.e., MicroBrx) is our smallest and lowest-cost hollow-fiber bioreactor system designed for pursuing R&D or feasibility projects, for testing a large panel of clones or different media, or for trying out hollow-fiber technology for the first time. The MicroBrx can also be used to culture cell lines that generate low-product concentrations. FOR MORE INFO (PDF)


Cell Counts: 8.5 x 10^10

  • A low-cost cell culture system right at your fingertips.
  • Achieve 0.1-1 gm/month of highly concentrated monoclonal antibodies and other secreted proteins.
  • Quickly evaluate novel cell lines or media formulations.
  • Easily scale up protein manufacturing with automated hollow-fiber bioreactor instruments.

The Primer instrument is a small-scale hollow-fiber bioreactor system designed for the research, development and optimization of processes that can later be scaled up. The Primer is ideally suited to academic labs that want to expand cell lines or generate a set amount of cell product per month. Likewise, the Primer works with larger commercial or R&D facilities that need to conduct pilot experiments and require a specific amount of cells or starting product. FOR MORE INFO (PDF)


Cell Counts: 1.5 x 10^11

  • Scalable automation at your fingertips.
  • Quick protocol setup and editing using instrument touch screen.
  • In vitro diagnostics, FDA regulation-compliant instrumentation.
  • Compatible with standard cultureware: single 1.1 m2 Bioreactor, single 2.1 m2, and three 0.5 m2 bioreactor.

The AutovaxID instrument offers a flexible, small- to medium-scale hollow-fiber bioreactor system that easily expands cell lines and produces gram amounts of biologics such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and viruslike particles. Due to its modular setup and automated controls, the instrument can be used in many different applications, including those commonly performed at academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories. This instrument requires very little technician expertise and labor in comparison with competing cell culture technologies. FOR MORE INFO (PDF)


Cell Counts: 2-4 x 10^11

  • Scalable automation right at your bench top.
  • Achieve high-density cell culture and conditioned media.
  • Easily automate your custom protein manufacturing.
  • Compatible with bioreactor cultureware: single 1.5 m2 or single 2.1 m2 bioreactor; double 1.5 m2 bioreactor or double 2.1 m2 bioreactor.

The MAXIMIZER is an automated bench-top bioreactor system that
supports pilot-scale process development and the routine production of particles from adherent or suspension cell lines, including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and viruslike particles. This automated system is ideal for academic, research and pharmaceutical laboratories that are optimizing their cell culture processes and require mid- to large-scale amounts of cells or cell products that are the equivalent of a 160-L batch-fed bioreactor. FOR MORE INFO (PDF)


Cell Counts: 1-2 x 10^12

  • Scalable automation at your fingertips.
  • Quick protocol setup and editing using instrument touch screen.
  • In vitro diagnostics, 21 CFR Part 21-compliant instrumentation.
  • Compatible with six 2.1 m2 or ten 2.1 m2 bioreactor cultureware.

The XCELLERATOR automated hollow-fiber bioreactor system can be applied toward large-scale expansion of adherent and suspension cell lines as well as the generation of cell products including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and virus like particles. This system is suitable for academic and research laboratories that have already validated their production protocols and now need larger batches of cells or cell-derived products. The instrument is also suitable for the large-scale production of diagnostic- and therapeutic-grade biologics. FOR MORE INFO (PDF)

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Overview and Mission

Cell Culture Company strives to revolutionize the quality, scalability and predictability of diagnostic and therapeutic mammalian protein production.
We manufacture automated single-use perfusion bioreactor systems and provide custom manufacturing services. For over 30 years, the Cell Culture
Company has been delivering GMP production solutions and services from pre-clinical to commercial in mg to kg quantities.
Our solutions deliver value to customers by:
  • Decreasing production risk with single-use, closed systems
  • Increasing speed to market by drastically reducing upstream validation requirements
  • Improving cell health and quality to result in homogeneous protein expression
  • Reducing costs in the form of capital expenditures, labor, facilities and materials, while increasing protein yield per square foot of production space
Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cell Culture Company is headquartered at a 33,000 square foot facility that houses corporate offices, bioreactor manufacturing operations, an FDA-compliant custom mammalian and protein production laboratory, and a distribution center.

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